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Ball Management

With The Bucket Pros’ Ball Management System, and its modern modular system, you can have a ball dispenser with a capacity from 8 500 balls up to 28 000 balls.


Our ball dispenser has an aluminum exterior and an interior of stainless steel. It is equipped with a light sensor that counts every single ball being dispensed to ensure the customer receives the correct number of balls every time.

Through a modern modular system, the ball dispensers can be expanded to match your needs as your range grows instead of forcing you to replace them with brand new machines.

Our ball machines are optimized to be used with SEVE Range Management System. Get complete control and overview of the driving range like never before!

Measurements w/o hopper: 1.148 x 0.730 x 1.328m

Measurements w/ hopper: 1.148 x 0.730 x 1.983m


Our accompanying ball washer can clean up to 24 000 balls/h and is made from stainless steel. The range balls are presoaked and then thoroughly washed, and the washing area is easy to open to clean the brush.

Measurements: 2.144 x 0.665 x 0.992m


The clean range balls are easily transported from the washer to the ball dispenser via an elevator.

Measurements: 1.80m & 2.20m

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We also have vehicles that are powered by 100% electric energy.

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