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Golf balls

The average golfer consumes around 3-5 balls per round (18 holes). As a result, the golf ball market is enormous. Despite this, a lot of shops at golf courses are satisfied at only selling a dozen here and there.

Why? All golfers need golf balls, and the balls have to be purchased from somewhere.

With White Label Golf, your golf course can have their own lineup of high quality golf balls with models for everyone – from beginners to professionals.

Our golf balls only have an aimline and a number printed on them, i.e. there are no labels or trademarks. Instead, you can use this white space to print your own logo.

Read more about our golf balls at

Ryforsbollen bild2.jpg

Ryfors GK’s lineup.

Ball models: WL 2 SOFT+, WL 2 SOFT, WL 3 TOUR+, WL 4 TOUR+

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