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Halogen heaters

If you want the latest and the best from the world of infrared heating, we have precisely what you are looking for.


Through short wave technology these heaters offer immediate warmth with a construction that is durable, stylish, energy efficient and designed to operate in difficult circumstances, including poor weather. The heater is completely safe to use in rain and downfall.

Available in Black or White.


Quick facts about our heaters

  • Heats the object directly and not the air around it – not effected by e.g. wind gusts

  • IP55

  • Mounted on a wall or in the ceiling

  • Exchangeable lamp with an operating time of 5000h

  • Low operating costs

We offer two models: 2000W and 3000W.


Both models can be mounted on a wall or in the ceiling. Due to their compact and smart design, the heater is easy to assemble and stylish both indoors and outdoors.

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