LED Light Golf

with correct illumination your guests can enjoy your driving range – day or night

"It is almost too good!"

Follow the ball’s path from beginning to end

Good illumination is about much more than just light.


LED Light Golf illuminates the entire ball path which gives the golfer correct feedback on their swing, which enhances the experience compared to losing the ball in the dark.

We will design a solution based on your needs.

Increase your occupancy and prolong the season for lessons

Few lamps required for optimal illumination – keeps costs low

Swedish design with a 9-year warranty for a safe investment

Light spreads across both short and long distance – perfect for short or long distance training

LED Light Golf has been produced just for golf!

The headlights and lenses are designed to provide an optimal experience on the course and at the range.

A profitable investment

With an investment around 50 000 SEK ( approx. €4 800) you can increase your opening hours by 950h per year and increase your potential revenue by 1 million SEK (€95 000). With good illumination and good range balls you can sell more buckets, more custom fitting and increase the number of lessons throughout the year. We are pleased to help you calculate based on your specific situation.










TL Sportslight-230

TL Sportslight-450

TL Sportslight-650

TL Sportslight-900

TL Sportslight-1350

optimized for putting greens etc.



TL Sportslight-100

TL Sportslight-200