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Warning – potential global shortage of range balls

There were many reports throughout the year about long delays for various golf equipment, and during the summer we warned about potential issues in the production of range balls ahead of 2022.

The global supply chain is currently facing many challenges following the pandemic, which has impacted most industries around the world in one way or another. One major issue is the lack of raw materials, and now we can predict that there will be a shortage of range balls not only in 2022, but in 2023 as well.

In short, the reason concerns problems in the production of Surlyn covers. As Surlyn is also very popular for game balls, many factories are now prioritizing game balls ahead of range balls.

Thus, we want to urge you not to delay your upcoming range ball orders, both for next year and for 2023. With limited supply it will be first come first serve, and we cannot say with any certainty exactly when the market will return to regular production and shipping times.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact your range developer or write to us at

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