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Range Balls







Better balls – For every need!

We have range balls and practice balls for all your needs

What kind of performance do you want?

Do you need range balls with reduced flight or floaters?

What are the most important characteristics?

Ask us – we love to help!

Range One

Range One

TBP Range One_edited.png

Soft feel and wedges produce massive amounts of spin

The characteristics will remain for up to 1200 shots – guaranteed!

1-piece ball with Tour characteristics

Optimal for driving ranges with limited length

"We like [Range One] as it has a high and natural flight path and is very durable.” – Hans Ericsson, Club Manager at Hammarö GK.

Range Two

Performance as a “real” golf ball – correct feedback on shots with 9-iron through Driver

The characteristics will remain for up to 900 shots – guaranteed!

4 different colours to choose from

Perfect for lessons and custom fitting

Range balls play a major part in a golfer’s experience at the driving range. To be able to see and feel the shots the same way you do out on the course is important and rewarding, and will lead to more buckets sold – plus more lessons and equipment sales!

With our Range Two you get the leading range ball on the market. It is a 2-piece ball that is constructed for professional driving ranges with high requirements!

"[Range Two] is a 2-piece ball with such good properties that we can use Trackman and do club testing (i.e. Custom Fitting) with great precision. Furthermore, the ball flies and behaves like a top competition golf ball.” 
– Patrik Jonsson, Coach Swedish Golf Team and PGA Pro at Eskilstuna GK.

New R2_nassau.png
Range Two

Range Two Tour Feel

With our Range Two Tour Feel, you get a premium range ball that performs like a true Tour golf ball throughout the entire bag – from Driver to Lob Wedge.

Range Two Tour Feel is the ultimate ball for training and for custom fitting that requires maximum precision!



magnus palm.png

”We wanted to give our customers the best training possibilities possible. Great range balls are therefore crucial at our practice facility. We wanted the following characteristics: distance like a real ball, spin like a real ball, great feel of the club face and long durability. The ability to add our own designs means that we can finance the balls through sponsors.  


We found the mix we were looking for through our supplier, The Bucket Pros.”

Magnus Palm, CEO, World of Golf


In general, there are three different types of range balls that are differentiated by the number of layers (layer = piece): 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece balls.

Additionally, there are balls with certain characteristics to fit ranges with specific needs:
– Full length ranges = regular range balls
– Shorter ranges = balls with reduced (limited) flight
– Water ranges = balls that float
Every component in a range ball is important to create a ball with the correct performance and durability.


Just as with regular golf balls, the core is a crucial component. 2-piece and 3-piece balls have a core, while 1-piece balls do not (the entire ball is just one layer).


The difference between a regular golf ball and a range ball is that the core in a range ball must be more durable as it will be hit far more times.


The best cores are made of pure rubber. There are also balls with diluted cores where other forms of rubber or plastics have been mixed in.


Pure rubber is an expensive component, which means that a diluted core is cheaper to produce. However, diluted cores may lead to the performance not being consistent throughout a batch of range balls.



The cover can be made out of different materials and with different thickness. The cover on a range ball is typically thicker than on a regular ball in order to be more durable.


The cover is coated with enamel paint that can be either water based or contain a solvent. Every producer has their own enamel paint “mix”, with some being more durable and resistant to wear than others.


A common misconception is the notion of “more layers of enamel paint equals better durability”. In fact, it is the complete opposite. A thinner coat means the cover is more flexible which reduces wear.



Our range balls can be adorned by your club’s logo/badge, a sponsor, or both! You can also choose from many different colours.


A range ball is an optimal and valuable ad space. A quick mathematical example: If a driving range has a turnover of €50 000, and a bucket of 25 balls costs €2, the ad on the ball will be exposed to customers 625 000 times!


Take this under consideration when negotiating with potential sponsors!



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