Range Management System

With SEVE RMS you get complete control and overview of the driving range like never before

Why choose SEVE?


Cloud security where everything is logged quickly and easily, and in a safe and secure fashion. You get complete access to all important data, e.g. transactions and ball status, in real time. In addition, you now get complete overview of when free balls are being withdrawn – and how many. Stop potential misuse immediately.


Safe and secure payment system for customers who are used to paying with their phones. Ball cards can be charged through Swish without personnel needing to assist.

Money in your account 

No need to wait until the following month. With SEVE you get the money in your account immediately.

Differentiated pricing

A bucket no longer needs to cost the same at noon on a Saturday and at 10pm on a Friday night. With SEVE you are in complete control and can adjust the pricing in accordance with your guests’ behavioural patterns.

Complete customer overview

When are your customers at the range? How many buckets do they purchase? Get a complete overview of who is at the range, when they are at the range and what their behavioural patterns are.

Quick installation

Import customers

Complete transaction data

Ball status

More payment options

Rental service

Support in English

Tommy at Bråvikens GK explains the
payment options (Swedish)