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Boost Method

The Bucket Pros have developed a unique method with which you can double your revenue at the driving range in just 24 months.


Look at a range from 30 years ago and compare it to an average range today. Where is the progress?

In our view, the driving range is paramount in efforts to attract new golfers and to develop current golfers, but how is it taken care of?


Additionally, current trends highlight that people want to consume golf quicker, at a time that is convenient to them and preferably with the help of digital tools. A full 18-hole round does not always appeal to the modern golfer.

Our Method

Through our close partnerships with our clients, we have gained insight into over 200 driving ranges. Combined with our vast previous experience from the golf industry, we now want to inspire and motivate more golf courses and make them realize how important the driving range truly is.


Furthermore, we want to show you how the range can become your most important revenue source.

We have identified the cornerstones of operating a successful driving range

At our workshops, we focus on your specific range and your prerequisites. By looking at the range as a revenue source and searching for ways to streamline all the various processes, we can identify crucial alterations that do not require massive investments.


One step at a time drives the development of the range forward. As such, Boost Method consists of 4-5 workshops with follow-ups in-between. We analyze the progress being made by looking at certain key figures that we have identified.


Through Boost Method, we help you double your turnover at the driving range in just 24 months. There are multiple factors that are crucial when developing a driving range.


We have the knowledge and the tools needed to address these factors and find solutions for your specific range.

Price: €7500, excl. VAT.


Tomas Lindh
Club Manager Motala GK

...but I still had high hopes and expectations on what The Bucket Pros had to bring. All my expectations were exceeded and I’m confident that we will double both our revenue and our profitability in year 1. Additionally, workshop #1 taught us many things that we could apply in other areas of our business to make our golf club more attractive.

marcus 2.png

The one thing that made all this possible – that we ourselves are now in complete control of our destiny instead of being reliant on donors, investors, the municipality and so on – is the driving range. It is the single biggest reason we can now execute a strategy where we decide everything.


Workshop #1 exceeded my expectations by a mile. I walked away with so much information, inspiration, motivation and so many tools that I am convinced that we will double our revenue in year 1.

Louise Friberg
Club Manager Ängelholms GK

Marcus Lutteman
Club Manager Katrineholms GK

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Upcoming Workshop #1

Workshops are held in various countries and cities. Contact us for more information.


26-27 Januari

HQ, Huskvarna

30-31 Januari

HQ, Huskvarna

2-3 Februari


6-7 Februari

HQ, Huskvarna