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Range Management System


Average increase in turnover year 1 with


Average increase in turnover year 1 with
RMS Pro + Boost Method

The Bucket Pros' Range Management System is so much more than a payment system


There are plenty of systems on the market that can handle simple monetary transactions. Coin goes in, range balls come out. But that is not what a Range Management System is about.

Through TBP RMS, we help golf facilities around Europe and the World to increase their revenue at the driving range. At the same time, the golfers get a more convenient, personalized, and all-around more pleasant experience at the range. In short, everyone wins.

  • The system can be installed on all common ball dispensers in Europe

  • Free installation

  • Free service and support

  • Large, clear touch screen

  • The system is fast, easy to learn, and extremely user friendly

  • Cloud security

  • Differentiated pricing

Choose the RMS package that best suits your needs and increase your revenue now!

RMS display showing different bucket options


With RMS Pro you get access to all functions and services that TBP RMS has to offer. You will always get the latest updates and upgrades as soon as they are available. Most importantly, with RMS Pro you get professional guidance from a dedicated range advisor. You will receive help to maximize your opportunities, increase your income, and deliver a top class range experience to your guests. 

Reports & Analysis

A vital part of RMS Pro

Excerpts from a sample report

Information is key.

In order to make correct decisions regarding the management of the driving range, you need facts about its usage. Guessing will rarely lead to optimized decision making.


With TBP RMS you get access to invaluable customer data in real time. You will know precisely who is at the range and how many balls are being hit at a certain time and period. You will know which bucket size is the most popular, and what your customers' preferred payment option is. This – and much, much more – all to ensure that you will be able to make the correct decision at the correct time. No more guesswork. Ever.

In addition, with RMS Pro you will get detailed reports produced by our analysts. Together with your dedicated range advisor, you will get assistance with product and price optimization in order to truly reach your full potential.

Documented results

Increase in turnover the first year

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