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  • Simon Johansson

The Bucket Pros Announce Groundbreaking Partnership with Costa Daurada Golf for Complete Range Renovation

Updated: Mar 28

In an exciting development for the golf industry, The Bucket Pros, has officially signed an agreement with Costa Daurada Golf to undertake a comprehensive operational renovation of their driving range. This ambitious project aims to significantly enhance the experience for both members and guests, reinforcing the facility's position as a leading destination for golf practice and leisure.


The renovation project encompasses the full installation of The Bucket Pros' state-of-the-art Ball Management System (BMS) and Seve Range Management System (RMS), alongside the introduction of their acclaimed 'Boost Method' consultancy services. Furthermore, the facility will be upgraded with new range balls and mats, ensuring a first-class practice environment. This transformation is now taking place, promising a swift and impactful enhancement to the driving range's offerings. With The Bucket Pros' proven track record, this installation is expected to drive a remarkable revenue increase, averaging an even 120% in the first year, revolutionising Costa Daurada Golf’s financial performance and operational efficiency.


Andreaz Lindberg, founder of The Bucket Pros, emphasized the significance of driving ranges in the golf industry, noting their crucial role as the first point of contact for many with the sport. "Despite their importance, driving ranges have historically been underdeveloped and overlooked," Lindberg stated.

"Our mission with Costa Daurada Golf is support their growth. By leveraging precise control, real data, and analytics we can not only significantly increase their revenue but also to enhance the golfer's experience”.


“We aim to transform Costa Daurada Golf into a vibrant, technologically advanced practice facility that welcomes golfers of all levels, offering unparalleled access and enjoyment regardless of the day, time, or weather”.


The 'Boost Method', a cornerstone of The Bucket Pros' strategy, is set to play a pivotal role in this transformation. Through a blend of innovative concepts, digitalisation, and tailored strategies, this method has a proven track record of doubling revenue at partner facilities within 24 months.


“We're excited about our partnership with The Bucket Pros and the implementation of Seve RMS," stated Marcos Meury, General Manager of Costa Daurada Golf. "Its installation is key to enhancing our operations with its advanced analytics and real-time data, promising an improved experience for our members and guests while significantly boosting our revenue. This move signals a major step forward for Costa Daurada Golf and showcasing our commitment to service and integrating technology”.


The Seve RMS will introduce a new level of control and efficiency to the driving range operations, offering features such as differentiated pricing, cloud security, and comprehensive analytics to enhance management capabilities.

In addition to their groundbreaking work with Costa Daurada Golf, The Bucket Pros are also collaborating with several other well-known clients, showcasing their widespread impact across the industry.


The Bucket Pros' collaborations with distinguished clients like Infinitum, Panoramica, Pula, and La Cala highlight the comprehensive impact in the golf industry. Their expertise in marrying advanced technology with tailored consultancy services is transforming golf facilities into high performing destinations. These partnerships showcase The Bucket Pros' ability to significantly enhance the golfing experience, catering to a variety of needs and settings with innovative solutions.


These collaborations further solidify The Bucket Pros’ position as leaders in driving range consultancy, demonstrating their ability to cater to a diverse range of golf facilities with tailor-made strategies and cutting-edge technology.


As the golf industry continues to evolve with new technologies and practices, The Bucket Pros are at the forefront, championing a modern approach to driving range design and management. This partnership with Costa Daurada Golf signifies a leap forward in the pursuit of excellence in golf practice facilities, promising an unmatched experience for golfers in the region.

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