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  • Simon Johansson

The Bucket Pros advances to the next stage with new partners!

The Bucket Pros has formed a key partnership with Marenius Elektronikutveckling AB and its main owner, Calectro Holding AB.

The Bucket Pros, a leading player in range development, is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its ongoing journey to become the foremost range developer in the European market. With its proprietary products and services, Boost Method and Seve RMS, The Bucket Pros has paved the way for its customers to rapidly and significantly increase their revenues and profits through their driving ranges.

Seve RMS, developed in response to the needs of one of Europe's largest golf training facilities, represents a digital solution that provides golf clubs with valuable data and reports on customer behavior, among other things. This project required creativity and innovation, resulting in the creation of Seve RMS, making the system the first of its kind on the market.

Marenius Elektronikutveckling AB has been a key partner since the beginning of the project, contributing their expertise in hardware and electronics. Marenius develops and manufactures products, from concept to production, all under one roof.

"We are a complete design house for electronics, software, and mechanics," says Martin Karlsson, CEO/partner at Marenius Elektronikutveckling AB. “What we have added to Seve includes the ability for the hardware and electronics to be installed on and control several ball machines and ball handling devices on the market, making the system very easy to integrate across the entire driving range. We are also very proud of The Bucket Pros' ball machine, which is a significant milestone for The Bucket Pros.”

When customers have increased their revenues in the way they have, it creates new questions about ball handling, ball capacity, reliability, etc. This places even higher demands on what we need to deliver in the future. Therefore, we are extremely happy and proud to have Marenius and its main owner, Calectro Holding, as co-owners, and for their strong faith in what we already do today and what we will be able to do together in the future.

"They have been with us from the beginning, which means we already know exactly how we fit together," says Andreaz Lindberg, founder of The Bucket Pros. “With them as co-owners, we have secured resources and unique expertise, which, combined with our own industry experience, will further advance the development of the Seve Range Management System and Ball Management System to be at the forefront. This is to help our customers become even more attractive, efficient, and, not least, profitable.”

"The results that The Bucket Pros' customers have achieved after adopting the system are truly amazing. No driving range facility can afford to miss out, it’s almost a no-brainer. That's what caught our attention at Calectro, which is why we have such great faith in this company," says Fredrik Pettersen, owner of Calectro Holding AB

Since the launch of SEVE RMS in the spring of 2020, The Bucket Pros has installed the system at nearly 100 facilities in Sweden, Spain, and the UAE.

More information about The Bucket Pros:

Contact Info:

Andreaz Lindberg founder and majority owner Seve Solutions AB/The Bucket Pros Europe AB


Johanna Hallberg founder and majority owner Seve Solutions AB/The Bucket Pros Europe AB


Martin Karlsson VD/part owner – Marenius Elutveckling AB – part owner Seve Solutions AB/The Bucket Pros Europe AB

Fredrik Pettersen owner – Calectro Holding AB – part owner Seve Solutions AB/The Bucket Pros Europe AB


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