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  • Johanna Hallberg

The Bucket Pros Strike First Partnership in Portugal, with Castro Marim Golfe & Country Club

Algarve, March 2024 – The Bucket Pros are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Castro Marim Golfe & Country Club, marking their inaugural collaboration in Portugal. The strategic alliance brings The Bucket Pros' pioneering technology and expertise to the golf resort, setting the stage for a new era of driving range sophistication and revenue growth.

Castro Marim, a stunning 27-hole golf course with fantastic amenities, embarks on a significant upgrade of its practice facilities, choosing The Bucket Pros as the corner stone in this transformative period. The partnership is set to combine the driving range with advanced hardware and software solutions that promise an unparalleled guest experience and operational excellence.

"Our vision of redefining the driving range experience aligns perfectly with Castro Marim's commitment to excellence," says Andreaz Lindberg, CEO of The Bucket Pros. "We're geared up to boost their practice facilities into the digital age, focusing on performance, profit, and pleasure."

The installation of The Bucket Pros' state-of-the-art range management system – Seve RMS – is an innovative technology that has already proven to be a game-changer at more than 100 golf clubs and resorts in Sweden and Spain. Designed to elevate driving range revenues and operational efficiency, the system assures guests a practice experience that's second to none.

David Martins, General Manager at Castro Marim Golfe & Country Club, reflects on the partnership: "Aligning with The Bucket Pros is a strategic step toward realising our full potential. Their blend of technological sophistication and revenue management prowess is exactly what we need to enhance our facility and our financials."

With a legacy of delivering exceptional golf experiences, Castro Marim Golfe & Country Club is now set to redefine what it means to practice the sport. The Bucket Pros' Boost Method and Seve RMS are integral to this mission, promising to drive revenue growth and enrich the resort's competitive edge.

As Castro Marim Golfe & Country Club gears up to showcase its revamped practice facilities, both the resort and The Bucket Pros invite golfers to experience the future of the sport – where technology meets tradition on the fairways of the Algarve.

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