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Average increase in turnover year 1 with
Seve RMS 


Average increase in turnover year 1 with
Seve RMS + Boost Method

Sounds too good to be true? We know.


But it's true.

driving range profitability

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Boost Method

We will help you double your revenue at the driving range in just 24 months.

How can we be so sure? Ask our clients.

Karl-Martin Härström

Karl-Martin Härström

Club Manager Kalmar Golf Club

At first, joining the Boost Method consultation program - in order to develop our driving range - did not seem necessary. We were already pleased with our revenue at the range, and the idea of doubling it felt close to impossible. Even though we were pessimistic, we decided to attend the introductory workshop and wow - it turned out to be our eureka moment! We signed up to the program right there and then, and The Bucket Pros agreed to hold the same workshop again for all our personnel. It was an amazing experience and enabled us to create an attainable, dream version of Kalmar Golf Club. We joined the Boost Method in February, and despite a cold Swedish spring, we saw record figures at the range by April.

Tomas Lindh

Tomas Lindh

Club Manager Motala Golf Club

[...] but I still had high hopes and expectations on what The Bucket Pros had to bring. All my expectations were exceeded and I’m confident that we will double both our revenue and our profitability in year 1. Additionally, workshop #1 taught us many things that we could apply in other areas of our business to make our golf club more attractive.

Marcus Lutteman

Marcus Lutteman

Club Manager Katrineholm Golf Club

The one thing that made all this possible – that we ourselves are now in complete control of our destiny instead of being reliant on donors, investors, the municipality and so on – is the driving range. It is the single biggest reason we can now execute a strategy where we decide everything.

Andreas & Mathias

Andreas & Mathias

Strandtorp Golf Club

We installed TBP RMS last fall and we are just so pleased. We have practically zero downtime and when something does pop up, the service is great. The RMS has also given us complete control of everything happening at our range. ​The Bucket Pros presented an idea and a model for us to double our turnover at the range in just 24 months, which made us join Boost Method. Despite the cold spring April was a record month for us, which also helped us make the decision to install TrackMan on our range. We strongly recommend Boost Method!

Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture
Boost Method group picture

The Bucket Pros announce partnership with Costa Daurada Golf

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Range Management System

Through our Seve RMS, we help golf facilities around Europe to increase their revenue at the driving range. At the same time, the golfers get a more convenient, personalized, and all-around more pleasant experience at the range.

Excerpts from a sample report

Reports & Analysis

With an RMS from The Bucket Pros you get access to invaluable customer data in real time.

Who is at the range? How many balls are being hit? Which bucket size is the most popular, and what is the customers' preferred payment solution? This, and much, much more – all to ensure that you will be able to make the correct decision at the correct time.

In addition, with RMS Pro you will get detailed reports produced by our analysts. Together with your dedicated range advisor, you will get assistance with product and price optimization in order to truly reach your full potential.

Documented results

RMS Pro and Boost Method makes a difference.

The evidence can be found on the bottom line.

Increase in turnover the first year

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With The Bucket Pros' ultra modern modular-based Ball Management System, you can have a golf ball dispenser with a capacity from 8 500 up to 56 000 golf balls

Our golf ball dispenser has an aluminum exterior and an interior of stainless steel. It is equipped with a light sensor that counts every single ball being dispensed to ensure the customer receives the correct number of balls every time.

Through a modern modular system, the golf ball dispensers can be expanded to match your needs as your range grows instead of forcing you to replace them with brand new machines.

The golf ball dispensers are optimized to be used with our Seve Range Management System. Get complete control and overview of the driving range like never before!

Measurements w/o hopper: 1.148 x 0.730 x 1.328m

Measurements w/ hopper: 1.148 x 0.730 x 1.983m

Ball washer and ball elevator installed at Pula Golf, Spain
The Bucket Pros ball dispenser in Spain

Pula Golf Resort, Mallorca

Electric golf buggy

We have 100% electric-powered vehicles for all your ball picking and range transportation needs.

Ball washer

Our accompanying ball washer can clean up to 24 000 balls/h and is made from stainless steel. The range balls are presoaked and then thoroughly washed, and the washing area is easy to open to clean the brush.

Measurements: 2.144 x 0.665 x 0.992m

Ball elevator

The clean range balls are easily transported from the washer to the ball dispenser via an elevator.

Measurements: 1.80m & 2.20m


That's right. When you do business with us, you can either purchase or rent.

But why should you rent in a business where buying has always been the norm?

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Icon of "flexibility"


Icon of "security"


Icon of "economy"


Icon of "effectivity"


Follow the ball's path
from beginning to end

Good illumination is about much more than just light.


LED Light Golf illuminates the entire ball path which gives the golfer correct feedback on their swing, which enhances the experience compared to losing the ball in the dark.

We will design a solution based on your needs.

Increase your occupancy and prolong the season for lessons

Few lamps required for optimal illumination – keeps costs low

Swedish design with a 9-year warranty for a safe investment

Light spreads across both short and long distance – perfect for short or long distance training

LED Light Golf has been produced just for golf!

The headlights and lenses are designed to provide an optimal experience on the course and at the range.

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Ranges being illuminated by LED Light Golf include


With correct illumination your guests can enjoy your driving range – day or night

"It is almost too good!"


For the ultimate driving range experience. Any time, any place.

Landeryd range at night with the range illuminated
Landeryd's FrontYard building
View from the top deck
View of a studio
Ball dispenser on the top deck
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By golfers, for golfers

No matter the weather, season, or time of day, the golfer can practice in a comfortable climate

Module system

Adjustable modules that can grow along with the range. You can start with just two studios

Environmentally friendly and extremely durable

Built from wood with the expectation of being in use for 40-50 years

”Turn-key solution”

Our standard module package is delivered and ready for use in just a few days for minimal disruption at the range


Can be supplemented with various accessories based on you needs and wishes

Illustration of a driving range with FrontYard
Illustration of a studio module with two bases

Range balls

Range balls play a major part in a golfer’s experience at the driving range. To be able to see and feel the shots the same way you do out on the course is important and rewarding, and will lead to more buckets sold – plus more lessons and equipment sales! 


With range balls from us, you are also free to add two custom prints. Perfect for e.g. a club logo and a sponsor!